Our Mission Statement

Pax Rhetorica: Words across Borders
A Center promoting Global Dialogue 

Pax Rhetoric is a center dedicated to fostering genuine dialogue between students throughout the world – from Montana to Alberta to Ireland and beyond. Pax Rhetorica encourages words across borders concerning urgent world issues – on a multitude of platforms including debates, forums and panels.

When students from China discuss human rights with students from America, peace is possible.

When students from Afghanistan discuss American foreign policy with students from Oregon, peace is possible

When students from Alberta discuss the Keystone Pipeline with students from Montana, peace is possible.

Pax Rhetorica, literally the rhetoric of peace, supports initiatives to reduce conflict by increasing dialogue.

The founders of Pax Rhetorica believe that we should send words across borders rather than sending troops across borders.

Pax Rhetorica supports international initiatives that encourage genuine dialogue between students and citizens throughout the world.

Pax Rhetorica: Words across Borders
Center for Global Dialogue
Brent Northup, Founding Director
EIN: 81-1274216